Fantastical Escapes part two: The big one: Stay with me.

Seedling Art Space, July 4th, 2010.

Stay With Me

Fantastical Escapes Part Two: The Big One in the pump shed of the Seedling Art Space is a sight-specific installation by Ray Harris, as part of a series of works that explore the scenes of our fantasies and delusions.

Fantastic Escapes is a room; a state of mind, that familiar space that you go to when you are feeling a certain way, to escape…

So will you come exploring with me?

It’ll be like we’re children again.

We’ll see what Nature will show us,

where it might take us,

without a care in the world.

But now all these years past,

and I am unmoved.

Still dreaming of things that were,

the things that should have been,

and the things I wish could still be.

But you have moved on now,

You have a place in this world,

people who rely on you to be home before dark.

Night-time, when everything was magnetised,

when our torchlight’s seem brighter,

the crickets chirped and the birds sang louder,

never had we felt so removed and free.

I still belong to that universe,

the one we created for ourselves.

If only you were here to share it with me.

Writing by Polly Dance.

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